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Cultivating Brilliance. Crafting Careers.’

Gear up, tech enthusiasts. Your ticket to a dream tech career takes off right here. We offer an array of design and development courses, precisely curated to empower you for a rewarding professional journey.

With the demand for digital skills going uphill, India's evolving IT job market is calling for tech-savvy youth. Nickelfox, acknowledging the demand, launched an ingenious online learning platform — 
Fresh Mind Wave. 

Our platform isn't just an online learning hub—it's a community where industry veterans mentor the next league of IT professionals. 

Visionary Founders

Seize Opportunities in Skill Gaps for IT Excellence

The World Economic Forum (WEF) identifies AI and Machine Learning specialists, alongside data analysts, as the anchors of the industry transformation in India. Seize the moment to bridge skill gaps and rise to prominence in top IT roles — with unmatched tech excellence powered by our online learning programmes. 

Explore Our Courses

Discover specialized courses to boost your skills. Be sure to pick the one which aligns with your unique career goals.

Enroll for Success

Start with an effortless enrollment, experience a dynamic learning environment, and flourish with the knowledge and skills necessary for IT success.

Personalized Learning

Engage with our expert-curated curriculum for personalized learning experience. Receive guidance from industry professionals to drive your IT career.

With 40% of India's workforce undergoing re-skilling in the next 5 years, as per NASSCOM report, transformative learning is more critical than ever before.  Inclusive and comprehensive, our Remote Learning Programmes support freshers in building solid IT foundations and professionals in refining technical skills. 

Adept Advisors

Achievements and Awards

We are recognised by START-UP-INDIA

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